5 BEST Tioman Island Resorts in 2023

Japamala Resort Tioman Island Resort pier

What are the best Tioman Island Resorts in 2023? In this article we are going to recommend the best Tioman Island Resort for different travelers.

In all honesty, we found looking for accommodation on Tioman Island quite challenging. Hotels and resorts on Banana Island are relatively expensive and it can seem like you don’t get a lot for your money. There are also hidden problems that you need to avoid. So we have done the leg work for you to recommend THE BEST Tioman Island Resort to meet your needs. 

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What can you expect from Tioman island resorts?

things to do in Tioman beach area

It is very important to keep your expectations in check. In Malaysia, accommodation is more expensive than neighboring countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. So your money does not go as far in Malaysia. What’s more, accommodation in Tioman is more expensive than other places in malaysia. So it is very important to keep your expectations in check. Tioman island is a very beautiful tropical island, however it is much less developed than other tourist Islands in South East asia.

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Tioman island does still have some stunning resorts (we will tell you about these in a minute) but just be aware that your money will not go as far compared to other locations in southeast asia. Issues may include – more limited food choices (such as no vegan or veggie options) weak or unreliable wifi and less local products and amenities available. BUT you can rely on a warm Malaysian welcome and great hospitality on Tioman island. 

Top tip: If you are looking for amazing accommodation for the money, we recommend exploring some of the islands in South Thailand such as Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Lipe. 

How do you get to your Tioman Island Resort?

things to do in Tioman boat trip

Firstly there are TWO main ways to get to Tioman island itself. You can either travel by bus and boat. OR you can fly to Tioman from KL. Don’t miss our FULL GUIDE on getting to Tioman island. Once you arrive you need to get to your Tioman island resort. You will either need to travel by taxi (around RM60 to travel from Tekek to Juara bay) OR in some cases you may need to take a taxi boat. There are only a FEW roads on Tioman and some of the resorts can only be accessed by boat. 

SUMMARY – What are the BEST Tioman Island Resorts?

Tioman Island ResortSummary Price range Rating
Japamala ResortThe most expensive and luxurious resort on Tioman. Beautiful natural vibes and a stunning tranquil location.£300 – £7008.9
Berjaya Tioman ResortA cheap alternative to the Japamala resort. A lot of character and beauty. Well kept and clean resort in a great location near the main town.  £130 – £2807.8
Tunamaya Beach Resort Lovely resort in a tranquil and remote location. They also have a spa and a beautiful pier. Cheapest of the luxurious resort options.£100 – £1807.3
Tioman Dive ResortNot a luxury resort – but very good quality, clean, comfortable and a great option if you are planning lots of diving and snorkeling in Tioman. £50 – £1008.7
Juara Seaview ChaletThe best value for money. Beautiful tranquil and excellent location for many activities in Tioman on the serene Juara bay. £20 – £309.1

BEST Tioman Island Resorts map

Japamala Resort

Japamala Resort Tioman Island Resort suite

The Japamala Resort is one of the BEST Tioman Island Resorts for a LUXURIOUS stay. It is also the most prestigious and expensive Tioman Island Resort. SO if you are planning a one in a lifetime trip or you are celebrating a special occasion – the Japamala Resort may well be THE BEST place for you to stay on Tioman. 

Japamala Resort Tioman Island Resort pier

We love the beautiful natural vibes of this resort. Rich dark woods create a synergy with the natural rainforest surroundings. The Japamala Resort is designed to help guests connect with nature without compromising superlative luxury. The Japamala is also home to the iconic Tioman island pier. Enjoy clear turquoise waters and views of the impressive and mountainous Tioman island.

Japamala Resort Tioman Island Resort jungle lodge

The Japamala Resort also has the benefit of excellent facilities and amenities such as outdoor swimming pool, spa and two restaurants. This is the most romantic Tioman Island Resort – nestled in the secluded coastal jungle with a west facing aspect for stunning sunsets. The Japamala Resort really is VERY beautiful and offers a range of comfortable luxury accommodation – perfect for splashing out in Tioman.

Japamala Resort Tioman Island Resort pier

We love the stylish tree top chalet with its beautiful wooden designs, its simple and earthy interiors and its natural light. The impressive Sea Cliff Chalet offers a similar level of comfort and space to the tree top chalet BUT also enjoys breathtaking sea views. The most impressive suite is a whole private villa with a private swimming pool called Penghulu’s house. This villa has two bedrooms with a double bed and two single beds. 

Japamala Resort Tioman Island Resort

The only disadvantage of the Japamala Resort is that it is out of the way for many of the things to do in Tioman. So if you are planning to explore Tioman – you will need to factor in the time and cost of taking boats around the island. 

Japamala Resort Tioman Island Resort interior design

Suites at the Japamala Resort range between £300 – £700 per night. If you are looking for an amazing high end Tioman Island Resort – Japamala is your best choice. This is the best Tioman island resort if you are planning a special celebration – honeymoon, anniversary or special birthday. 

TOP TIP: There are no roads connecting the Japamala Resort with the main jetty at Tekek. SO the only way to access this resort is by boat. The Japamala Resort offers a direct boat transfer from Mersing (on the mainland) but this is pretty expensive at RM900 per person return. The cheapest way to get to the Japamala Resort is to arrange your own transport to Tioman and then take a ferry boat to Genting Jetty. Once you are there the Japamala can then arrange a pick up from Genting Jetty for RM45 per person. 

Berjaya Tioman Resort

Tioman island resort Berjaya areal

If you are looking for a luxurious resort and want something a little cheaper than the Japamala, check out the Berjaya Tioman Resort. This resort has all the fun feel good vibes to make your stay super memorable. 

The Berjaya Resort is clean, comfortable and spacious. The rooms and suites are large, well furnished and have clean modern interiors. The staff are very friendly at the Berjaya and really look after you! Particularly impressive is the beach terrace. This is one of the most expensive rooms in the property (around £280 per night) BUT it is pretty amazing. Walk straight out of bed onto your private terrace overlooking the beach and breathtaking ocean views. 

Tioman island resort Berjaya room

The Berjaya Resort can also hook you up with snorkeling trips and Diving trips. Rooms generally include a fantastic breakfast (check this is included when you book) and they have a very good cancellation policy too. The Berjaya is located on the west coast of Tioman Island a few kilometers south of Tekek – the main town on Tioman Island. This is a great location due to the proximity and convenience of being close to town and it is also a perfect location to enjoy the beautiful tropical Tioman sunsets over the ocean.

Tioman island resort Berjaya pool

Also they have free transfers to and from the ferry. The Berjaya is a Great Tioman Island Resort if you are looking for a luxurious stay on a slightly lower budget than the Japamala. 

Tunamaya Beach Resort & Spa

Tioman island resort pier

The Tunamaya is a beautiful tranquil Tioman Island Resort located on the serene south coast. This beautiful Resort has a stunning pier allowing you to take beautiful walks throughout the day – whether it’s a romantic sunset stroll or a fresh morning walk. Rooms have a decadent regal feel with comfortable dark furnishings and rich textiles. The resort grounds are beautiful and well kept and offer easy access to the beach. ALSO the Tunamaya has an onsite spa offering a range of decadent and relaxing wellness treatments and therapies. 

Tioman island resort room

There are a couple of disadvantages to this resort. Firstly it is pretty remote making transfer more tricky and expensive (BUT if you just plan to chill on the resort the remote location may actually be an advantage). The other problems with the Tunamaya Resort is the limited Wi-Fi and lack of food options. So, if you’re happy to eat the delicious food the resort provide AND you’re hoping for a digital detox – then again this shouldn’t put you off. After all the Tunamaya is much cheaper than the Japamala and offers a similar stunning romantic Tioman coast resort feel. This beautiful Resort is excellently situated on the south coast of Tioman Island affording impressive views of the mountain jungle landscape and oceans.

Tioman island resort Tunamaya dining

Is the Tunamaya a good Tioman island resort? It all depends on what you are looking for. We think this property is very beautiful and the staff are ready to welcome guests with Malaysian warmth and hospitality. BUT there are a few little drawbacks too. 

Tioman Dive Resort

Tioman dive resort exterior

The Tioman dive resort is a fantastic option if you are looking for a clean, comfortable and reliable option on Tioman. As the name suggests they are actually connected with a diving school AND can therefore hook you up with diving courses, fun dives and snorkeling trips. Located on the west coast of Tioman (in Air Batang) this is a great location for beautiful coastline, proximity to Kamung Tekek (the main town) AND of course stunning Tioman sunsets too. 

Tioman DIve resort room

The Tioman Dive Resort  has an excellent range of rooms available. At the cheapest end you can get the deluxe double or twin room for around £60 per night. The most expensive room is the deluxe quadruple room which can host up to four guests with a large double bed and two single beds. Rooms are clean, comfortable, spacious and have good natural light. The Tioman Dive Resort is a fun, feel good and sociable Resort and is a great option for solo travelers, couples or families looking for affordable accommodation on Tioman island.

Tioman Dive Resort

This property is pretty awesome for the money (especially compared to other resorts on this island). The Tioman Dive Resort is not in the same league as the other resorts we have recommended (the Japamala, the Berjaya and The Tunamaya). BUT we think this resort is actually great for the money. Rooms range between £50 – £100 per night.

Juara Seaview Chalet

Juara seaview chalet room

And finally, last but not least… the Juara Seaview Chalet. This is the best budget option if you are looking for cheap accommodation on Tioman island. The Juara Seaview offers comfort rather than luxury. Rooms are simple, clean, well equipped and comfortable. What really makes this place is the close proximity to the beautiful Juara beach.You can literally step straight out of your door onto the beach –  especially if you take the seaview chalet. This is something you literally pay hundreds for in other resorts.  

Juara seaview chalet

Although the chalets are on the budget side, they are well thought out and well equipped. Chalets are equipped with features such as terraces, a shower to wash your feet, en suite bathrooms, fridges, air conditioning.

Juara seaview chalet room

This Resort is excellently situated on Juara Bay on the east coast of Tioman Island. There are a lot of activities and attractions in this area. Juara offers an excellent balance of tranquility along with the convenience of a handful of shops, cafes and restaurants. There is also a turtle sanctuary here, a couple of dive schools AND a watersports shop offering kayak rental.

things to do in tioman kayak

You can also arrange diving trips and snorkeling trips from Juara. ALSO there is a road that connects Juara bay with Kampung Tekek (the main town in Tioman) so you can get her by taxi (around RM60 or £12 one way)

This is the BEST VALUE Tioman Island Resort. You can get rooms here for around £20 – £30 per night. Reserve early to avoid disappointment.