ESCAPE Theme Park in Penang – Updated & In Depth Guide 2024

ESCAPE theme park Penang longest tube slide

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The ESCAPE Theme Park in Penang really is the best adventure park we have visited anywhere in the world! Keep reading to find out more about the ESCAPE theme park – everything you need to know to plan your visit in 2024 (updated & in-depth!)

We have been lucky enough to visit ESCAPE several times over the years. So we have some special tips & tricks to help you make the most of your visit in 2024. Whether you want to plan your trip with kids, save money on your tickets or you want to find out how to maximise your time in the park – please read this article carefully.

Is it worth visiting ESCAPE? Definitely! Whether you are on a short holiday with your family or an expat living in Penang we would highly recommend a visit to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. ESCAPE is perfect for anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone. Or for anyone who wants to challenge themselves immersed in the intrepid Penang jungle. It is even perfect if you want to relax whilst your kids bounce, jump, swim, slide and play! ESCAPE really does have something for everyone in 2024.

TOP TIP – ESCAPE really does have some much to offer, if you have the time we recommend taking two full days at ESCAPE. The cheapest and most fun way to do this is to stay at the ESCAPE BASE CAMP – Adventure Camping experience. You get to stay on their beautiful & fully equipped jungle campsite & enjoy the park for two whole days!

All the BEST Adrenaline Rushes are Shared

We love ESCAPE so much we have included it as a HIGHLIGHT in our ONE WEEK Penang itinerary and also in our full guide on THE BEST things to do in Penang. Looking for something unique and different that everyone else misses? Don’t miss these AMAZING hidden gems in Penang

There are some very important things that you need to know the plan your trip and make the most of your time at ESCAPE Penang. In this guide will give you some top tips and ideas to help you plan and prepare all your trip to ESCAPE Penang.

Where is the ESCAPE theme park located?

The ESCAPE theme park in Penang is located in Teluk Bahang in the Northwest of Penang Island (They do also have an ESCAPE Park situated in Kuala Lumpur! – so you can now even test your limits in the heart of the Urban Jungle!)

We love the wild, natural and intrepid location of the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. The ESCAPE theme park is immersed in the jungle and surrounded by lush tropical hills. The theme park also extends up one of these hills.

The dense jungle gives ESCAPE a wild and intrepid vibe. Many of the activities involve zipping, swinging, jumping and balancing through the jungle canopy. We even saw a Malaysian Flying lizard on our most recent visit to the park!

How much do ESCAPE tickets cost? (ESCAPE Penang)

The exact ESCAPE ticket prices depend on how and when you book:

CategoryAge rangeRough prices
Future kid0-3 years oldFREE
Junior kid4-12 years oldRM 85 – RM122 (roughly £16 – £24 or $20 – $35)
Big kid13-60 years oldRM 130 – RM184 (roughly £25 – £36 or $35 – $45)
Super kid60+ years oldFREE

The ESCAPE ticket includes ALL of the activities in the Adventure Park and the Water Park. You do not need to pay any additional costs for any of the activities or competitions in the park. You can do the activities as many times as you wish!

Can you buy two day passes for the Escape theme park in Penang?

Kind of. If you purchase a BASE CAMP ticket this includes a stay at their dedicated campsite (tent rental RM20 per person). More about this later. This option also includes two days full access to ESCAPE Penang.

CategoryAge rangeRough prices
Future kid0-3 years oldFREE
Junior kid4-12 years oldRM120 – RM175 (Around £24 – £35 or $30 – $45)
Big kid13-60 years oldRM180 – RM260 (Around £36 – £52 or $45 – $60)
Super kid60+ years oldFREE

You can book your tickets for ESCAPE on Klook. You can also ebook tickets directly from their website. Ideally aim to book tickets at least 2 months in advance for the cheapest prices. Ticket price gradually increases if you book within two months of your intended visit date.

The tickets for the ESCAPE theme park in Penang are surprisingly good value for money relative to other theme parks in Malaysia. Especially when you consider how much you can do at ESCAPE Penang.

TOP TIP: When you book your tickets click on the link so you can SCAN YOUR FACE before your visit. THE SUPER CLEVER computer system will automatically recognise you when you arrive and let you straight in without the queues! ALSO facial recognition is used to help you find and purchase your ESCAPE photos at the end of your adventure!

Can you buy separate tickets for the water park or adventure park?

No. It is not possible to buy separate tickets for the water park or the adventure park. You need to buy a full access ticket which includes access to both parks.

Tickets for the ESCAPE theme park in Penang include full access to the whole park. You do not need to pay any additional fees for any of the activities, rides or experiences in the park. You can repeat any activity as many times as you like.

Unfortunately, some unofficial scam tickets have been sold for the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. Therefore, we recommend buying your tickets directly from the Official ESCAPE website. However, if you are keen on booking platforms you can also find tickets on KLOOK.

The Perfect One Day Itinerary for ESCAPE Penang

Follow this itinerary to make the most of your time at the ESCAPE Park (we will discuss each activity in more detail later in this article so keep reading for more!)

Arrive nice and early before the park opens at 10am. Make sure you register your selfie in advance for fast and efficient entry into the park (there is a face recognition system to get in to the park). Drop any valuables at the locker. Keep a small day bag with water, mosquito repellant, sun cream and wear closed shoes.

  • 10.00am Check in Cross the Bridge, Grab a harness and go to the Chair Lifts. Take a chair lift.
  • 10.10am Ride the Zip Coaster down to the bottom and then take a Chair Lift again
  • 10.30am Ride the Tubby Racer down to the bottom
  • 10.45am Do an Obstacle Course (before it gets too busy): Flying Lemur / Monkey Business / Family Trail. If you have small kids do the Monkey School or Discovery Dig.
  • 11.30am Try some other activities of your choice (Gecko tower, Atan’s Leap, Jumping Jack, The Kite Flyer, Sling Shot) You may not have time for everything so be selective and do your favourite first.
  • 1pm Get lunch (there is an A&W’s burger and fried chicken outlet in the water park, outside food is fine too!) Get changed into swimming stuff and top up your suncream.
  • 2pm Enjoy the water park – try some of the bigger slides and don’t miss the Dead Sea Pool & Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • 4.30pm Grab an inflatable ring, cross the bridge and take the chair lift. Ride the World’s longest tube slide. The queues should be minimal by late afternoon.
  • 5pm Do any last activities in either park – try anything you have missed. Do the Zip Coaster or Tubby Racer if you missed these earlier (these normally close around 5.30pm so you need to be purposeful)
  • 6pm The park closes – make sure you’re the last one out! 🙂

NOTE: There are competitions and challenges throughout the day. The Adventure park tends to run competitions in the morning and the Waterpark runs competitions in the afternoon. If you wish to participate in a competition you need to consider this in your itinerary.

Activity Restrictions (age, height & weight)

Child Harness ESCAPE Penang

We have included info about the latest age, height & weight restrictions for each attraction. This changes from time to time. Always check the latest requirements before you attempt an activity and speak to staff if you have any doubts.

Height chart ESCAPE
Weighing scales ESCAPE

At present and in general kids over 4 can do almost all of the activities. There are some more extreme activities that have a minimum weight of 40kg. Some have a minimum height requirement of 120cm. Some have a maximum weight of 90kg or 100kg. If you are fit & healthy, over 4 years old, between 40kg – 90kg and over 120cm you are allowed to attempt all of the activities at ESCAPE Penang. There are weighing scales and height charts in the park so you can check.

Is ESCAPE Penang suitable for families with young children?

Yes. ESCAPE Penang is suitable for families with Children of any age. This is one of the things that we were very impressed with about the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. Everyone can win at ESCAPE. Whether you are 3 years old, 30 years old or 60 years old. Everyone will find a challenge, an adventure, an adrenaline rush and a win at ESCAPE Penang. 

When kids are 4 years and older they become “Junior Kids” and many activities open up to them. By the age of 4 a kid is allowed to try the majority of the activities at ESCAPE (in both the Adventure Park and the Water Park). This includes some relatively challenging activities like Atan’s leap (kids as young as 4 can get a special kid’s harness and jump off the 12m platform).

However, some activities do have a weight or height restriction. For Example, the Gecko (climbing wall) requires a minimum age of 4 years AND a minumum weight of 40kg. Or the Monkey Business (arial obstacle course) has a minimum age of 4 years AND a minumum height of 120cm. In this article we will share age, weight and height restrictions to help you plan your trip.

If you are visiting ESCAPE Penang with young children here are some activities that we think they will really enjoy:

  • Monkey school obstacles and ziplines for little monkeys 
  • Coco climb (climb a coconut tree)
  • Discovery dig (digging for gold)
  • The A-maze
  • Playhouse waterpark and tots pool
  • Inflatables obstacle course 
  • The lazy river and boats
  • Wave pool (little life jackets available)
  • Kids play room

Can you buy food and drinks at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang?

Costa Coffee Machines ESCAPE theme park Penang

You can now get Costa Coffee Drinks at the at ESCAPE – there are two Costa Vending Machine sites – they offer hot and cold coffees and drinks. They cost around RM10 – RM15 (£2 – £3) – around the price of a normal coffee shop. There are also two A&W’s outlets.

Food ESCAPE theme park in Penang

Yes, you can buy food and drinks at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. There are several food outlets available around the ESCAPE park. The food includes burgers, Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, hot dogs, waffles and ice creams. The food outlets are part of the A&W’s chain. So you can also buy root beer. The food ranges in price from around 10 ringgits to 40 ringgits (roughly £2 – £8 or $2.50 – $10). 

The ESCAPE theme park in Penang allows guests to bring their own food and drinks into the park. This is quite unique and very impressive for a theme park of this calibre.

The ESCAPE theme park in Penang also has water fountains so you can fill up your water bottle free-of-charge. This is very helpful because you can get very thirsty when you are so active in the heat.

Can you get lockers at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang?

Yes you can get lockers at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. At the main entrance area there are changing rooms, toilets, showers and lockers available. The lockers utilize an innovative digital system for security & convenience. It costs 10 ringgits to rent a locker for one day (non-refundable).

Map of the ESCAPE Theme Park Penang

Here is an interactive map of the ESCAPE park. Click on the pins to find out about each activity.

How fit do you need to be to enjoy the ESCAPE theme park in Penang?

ESCAPE theme park in Penang young kids

The ESCAPE theme park in Penang is an adventure park that welcomes visitors of any age and level of Fitness. Everyone who visits ESCAPE can’t enjoy adventure, challenge and fun. However, some of the activities do require physical strength, stamina and endurance. Therefore a reasonable level of fitness is advised to make the most of the ESCAPE experience. The activities do have safety restrictions in terms of height, age, weight and medical status. These rules are to protect and prioritise the safety of guests at the park. Many of the activities are not suitable for pregnant women. If you are not sure about whether an activity is safe or suitable for you, we recommend that you speak to the wonderful ESCAPE staff at the park. Many of the adventurous activities in the ESCAPE theme park are only safe and suitable for people who weigh less than 120kg.

The ESCAPE Penang adventure park 

Wear closed shoes – Secure Your Glasses – Empty Belonging from Your Pockets – Tie Your Hair Back – Take off any dangling jewellery – Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

The Adventure Park is best in the morning. Arrive Early. Once you’re in, cross the bridge, grab a harness and take the Chair Lift to the start of the Zip Coaster (if possible before 10.30am) then try the Tubby Racer before it gets busy.

STEP 1 GRAB YOUR HARNESS – You Need to Keep this with you throughout the day

harness collection point ESCAPE Penang

STEP 2 RIDE THE CHAIR LIFT – Take the Chair Lift to access the Zip Coaster, the Tubby Racer or The World’s longest tub waterslide (bring your own tube from the bottom of the slide by the wave pool)

Chair lift with kids ESCAPE penang

Kids under 4 years old are NOT allowed on the Chair lift and young kids need to be supervised by adults – 1 to 1 supervision ratio. This can be tricky if you’re visiting with 3 young kids, so plan carefully!

Summary of activities in the Adventure Park

Here are some of the amazing activities that you can do in the ESCAPE Adventure Park. Remember ALL of these activities are included in the cost of your ESCAPE ticket! Also remember the height, age and weight requirements could be changed at any time – so ALWAYS check the latest information at the park and never try an activity if you don’t meet the requirements.

Activity Description Requirements
The Zip CoasterExhilarating adrenaline rush. World’s longest zipcoaster speeds through jungle. Starts at the top of the chair lift. Best before 11am or after 4pm.Minium age 4 maximum weight 90kg, at least 2 riders
The Tubby RacerExhilarating adrenaline rush. Speed down a steep jungle track in a weighted inflatable ring. Starts from the top of the chair lift. Best before 11am or after 4pm. Minimum age 4 years old. 2 – 5 riders. Supervise kids.
Atan’s Leap Overcome your fears & feel your heart in your mouth. Jump of a 12m or 20m platform attached to a cord that gives you a fast and yet controlled descent. Minimum age 4. 20kg – 120kg. 20m platform minimum age 13. 
Kite FlyerGiant exhilarating jungle swing in a harness and chair. Share the rush with a small group of thrill seekers. Minimum age 4 years old. Adult supervision. 
Flying LemurThe most challenging aerial obstacle course. High ropes, climbing, balancing and ziplines. Amazing views.  4 years old, 120cm height and 40kg – 100kg. 
Monkey businessIntermediate aerial obstacle course with two levels. Lots of ziplines, balancing, tunnels and more. Lots of fun. Arrive early if you want to go fast. At least 4 years old and 120cm. No more than 120kg. 
Family Trail Confidence builder. Family friendly obstacle course with ziplines, balances, net bridges ropes and more. Takes around 20 – 40 minutes. At least 4 years old and 100cm. Maximum 120kg. Young kids need supervision.
Monkey School Mini-obstacle course for adventurous toddlers. Great for kids that are too young or small for the Family Trail. Maximum age 12 years old and maximum height 120cm. Best for 2 – 6 year olds. 
Coco Climb Climb a coconut tree and ring a bell to win – kids and adult version available. The big tree is surprisingly challenging and a lot of fun. Kids 4 and older for the big tree. Maximum weight 120kg. 
Discovery DigExploration, imagination and fun – perfect for young curious kids. Slow down and take a break. Kids can learn how to find golden nuggets in a water channel and then pretend to melt them to make a golden medal. Any age are welcome – just relax whilst your kids explore. 
The SlingshotFantastic for an adrenaline rush and that “stomach in your mouth” feeling. Get launched into the air and bounce up and down in a secure harness. 4 years old and 40kg – 100kg. 
Gecko TowerFun and physically challenging. Follow a climbing route up the tower using climbing holds. You can race a friend or just go at your own pace. 4 years old and 40kg – 120kg. 
Skiing in Malaysia Have a go one Malaysia’s first and only ski slope. Borrow some skis and try a dry ski slope. Lots of fun and giggles. 4 years and above. 
Jumping JackKick off your shoes, harness up and have a go on these trampolines. Adult and kid trampolines available. 4 years and above. Up to 100kg.
Aerobat TrapezeAttend a trapeze training session and try this terrifying fun activity. There is also a chance to compete in the aerobat competition. Not suitable for kids. 
Zoom BuggyHave a go on these curious and fun little buggies. Suitable for all ages but best for 5 – 15 year olds. 

1 The Zip Coaster (RECORD BREAKING!)

We can’t do an article on the ESCAPE theme park in Penang without mentioning the epic 1km long Zip Coaster. This is the World’s LONGEST Zip Coaster. The Zip Coaster makes you feel like you’re flying through the jungle. A Zip Coaster is a hybrid of a zipline and a rollercoaster.

The idea is that you are suspended from a rail in a metal seat (the seats have been installed more recently and so don’t appear in our pictures). Not only is this Zip Coaster fun, it is also remarkably long, measuring 1.1km. This really gives you time to absorb the experience and enjoy the ride!

And what a dramatic and stunning place to have a zip coaster. The zip coaster leads down a winding jungle Hill through the canopy and trees give you an exhilarating experience of the beautiful jungle. The best adrenaline rushes of those that are shared.

The Zip Coaster starts on the top of the hill NEAR the WORLD’s LONGEST tube slide and the Tubby Racer (more on these soon). To get to the zip coaster you need to ride the chair lift. We recommend aiming for this activity first before the queues build up (ideally before 11am). After this time we recommend waiting until 4pm when it gets quiet again.

New Chairs Zip Coaster Penang

At present the zip coaster at ESCAPE Penang is a tandem ride (normally the heaviest person is at the back!) If you do not have someone to ride with, just ask the staff and they will help pair you up with someone. If it is quiet and they can find a riding buddy, a member of the lovely ESCAPE staff may even ride with you! There is a minumum age of 4 years old and a maximum weight limit of 90kg for this ride. The Zip Coaster is one of MANY reasons to visit the ESCAPE theme park in Penang.

2 The Tubby Racer

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush and a giggle this is a great activity for you. This is one of the more unique activities at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. The tubby racer is a dry tube slide that speeds down the hill through the Jungle. The tubby racer is genuinely hilarious. The guts to the start of the tubby racer you need to take the chairlift to the top of the hill (the same place up the longest tube slide starts from). When you get there the Rings will be there waiting for you already. The the wonderful staff will direct you which ring to sit in.

Rings are tied together to add to the collective way they are also filled with water. Don’t worry you don’t get wet the water is just inside the plastic. When there are enough guests on The tubby Racer the staff will allow you to start the wind and cost down the hill Through the Jungle. What is strange about the puppy racer is it you’re actually just slipping down a plastic truck. However, when the tubby racer is full of passengers it’s amazing how fast you hurtle through the jungle. This is a very exhilarating and exciting ride.

The minimum age for the tubby racer is 4 years old. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied on the ride by an adult. This is a tandem ride of 2 – 5 people. The staff will normally direct groups, so when you arrive, let them know how many people are riding in your group.

3 Atan’s Leap 

This one is not for the faint hearted. Atan’s Leap is a high jump platform where you are fitted with a safety harness. Then you have the terrifying walk up the stairs. As you ascend, you begin to realise how terrifyingly high this platform is. Atan’s Leap really is a test of courage.

Atans Leap ESCAPE Penang

From the top Atan’s leap gives you a real ground rush. The first and lowest jump platform is a dizzying 12m above the ground (kids can do this one). From this height you can gaze over at the jungle canopy and look down at little people walking along the path below.

things to do in Penang with kids
Looking down from the 12m platform
Atans leap 20m platform
Looking down from the 20m platform

The higher platform is a dizzying 20m off the ground. The wonderful safety mechanism and rope allows you to descend fast enough to feel your stomach in your mouth but so enough to have a soft and safe landing.

The minimum age is 4 years old. The minimum weight for this activity is 20kg while the maximum weight is 120kg. Children under 13 years old can do the 12m platform under the supervision of an adult. Children 13 years and older can attempt the 20m platform under the supervision of an adult.

4 Kite Flyer

Kite flyer ESCAPE

Looking for a go on the scariest and biggest swing you will ever try? Then don’t miss the Kite Flyer located at the top of the Adventure Park (close to the Monkey School & Jumping Jack). The Kite Flyer is a huge exhilarating suspended jungle swing where a group of thrill seeking nuts are harnessed to the seats. A mechanism then lifts the swing to it’s highest point. More scary still, the swing is released when someone in the group tugs the release rope. As you sweep through the jungle feel your stomach in your mouth! This really is the ultimate swing experience! There is a minimum age requirement of 4 years old for the Kite Flyer.

5 Flying Lemur

Flying Lemur ESCAPE Penang
Flying lemur ESCAPE Penang zipline

This is the biggest, baddest and scariest obstacle course at ESCAPE and it is for those with high levels of confidence – or anyone up for an epic (and very beautiful) challenge. This course has some dizzying drops (don’t worry there is a safety line throughout!). The course cumulates in a breathtaking and exhilarating zip-line high above the canopy. The whole activity takes around 30 minute – 1 hour depending on your pace and how busy it is. This one is not for the feint of heart! The start of the Flying Lemur is located at the top of a small jungle trail (the start of this small trail is close to the Family Trail and Atan’s Leap). The minimum age is 4 years old, kids need to be over 120cm and the weight range is from 40kg – 100kg for this activity.

6 Monkey business 

This is one of the main activities in the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. This epic high ropes course is designed to build your skill, confidence, balance and courage by doing obstacles at a height. This is also an amazing vantage point to see the surrounding jungles, canopy, hills and the ESCAPE park from above. There are three levels of Monkey Business and they are increasingly challenging and high. The monkey business high ropes course includes things to climb, crawl through balance across.

Throughout the activity you are fastened to a safety harness with a safety line. The maximum weight for monkey business is 120kg. The minimum height is 120cm. The minimum age of 4 years old. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult and no more than 2 children per adult.

7 Family Trail

Family Trail ESCAPE Penang

If you’re kids are not big enough for the Monkey Business Areal obstacle course but they have out grown monkey school (which is perfect for toddlers!) – then don’t miss the awesome Family Trail situated next to the Discovery Dig. The family trail is a series of suspended obstacles (around 2 – 4m off the ground). It includes some mini-zip lines, net bridges, balances activities and more. A member of staff will make sure your harness is connected to the wire and then you and your family can follow the course independently.

Family trail ESCAPE Penang zipline

You are essentially attached to a strong metal wire all the way around the course and it is not possible to disconnect yourself part way through the course – so this makes it safe for younger kids. Younger kids will however need some assistance at points (there is a carabina that needs to be unclipped and then re-clipped every now and then – but this is only a secondary safety clip so there is no risk of accidentally disconnecting from the line). This activity is a great confidence builder. It is ideal for kids from 4 – 8 years old. There is a minimum age requirement of 4, a minimum height of 100cm and a maximum weight of 120kg.

8 Monkey School 

Things to do in Penang with kids

Monkey school is a perfect activity for little monkeys who loves to climb, balance and explore. Monkey school is a safe obstacle course designed to develop the confidence, balance and courage of young children. The whole course must be completed wearing a harness with a line attached to a safety rail.

A slider move around the rail so that children can neither fall nor break away from activities and skip to the next thing. The monkey school obstacle course does include a couple of ziplines. This is a great way for younger children to experience the exhilaration of sliding along a line. It is highly recommended that a parent or carer follows a child around the course to help them where needed.

The monkey school is ideal for children between the ages of around 2 years old and 6 years old. The maximum age is 12 years old and the maximum height is 120cm for monkey school.

9 Coco Climb 

A day at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang is a physically challenging day. If you really make the most of the activities available here you are likely to go home with a big smile on aching muscles. Coco climb is a little climb up a coconut tree which is great for kids. Even little monkeys can try this activity. Climbers are given a harness and there are some hand and foot holds up the tree to make it a little bit easier.

If you are looking for a bigger climbing challenge there is a tall a coconut tree next to this and the toilet coconut tree does not have any footholds or handholds. This is actually a very challenging climbing activity and if you are able to do it fast enough you may even win a coconut. The Coco climb is right next to the trapeze. The maximum weight for this attraction is 120kg. That’s a very very big toddler!

10 Discovery Dig

baby at discovery dig

We want it to mention the discovery dig because it is just a little example of how well thought out and planned the ESCAPE theme park in Penang is. The discovery dig is a low key, calming and exploratory activity for young children. There is a small artificial River with a Sandy riverbed. Hidden in the riverbed are some small “gold” nuggets.

Children are given a small bit sieve and then they have to use the sieve to find gold in the river bed. When little Explorers find gold they can take it to the discovery dig stuff and exchange their findings for a special golden ESCAPE medal. The discovery dig is located just next to Atan’s Leap. This activity is suitable for all ages.

11 The Slingshot

The Slingshot has a high adrenaline stomach in your mouth type of experience. You are strut tightly into a harness with two elasticated ropes on either side and then a release mechanism launches you into the air very fast. When you reach the top you then begin to fall until the elastic catch of you and Springs you back up again. Think of it as a giant baby bouncer for adults. If you have never tried a slingshot before, we recommend giving this a go as long as you are comfortable with the idea of being many exciting, exhilarating and adrenaline inducing rides at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. The Sling Shot is located close to the cable are lower station. The minimum age for the slingshot is 4 years old and a weight range of 40kg – 100kg. We wouldn’t recommend this activity for younger kids. It is pretty extreme!

12 Gecko Tower

The Gecko Tower is another climbing activity out the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. The Gecko Tower is a tall outdoor climbing wall with several faces to climb up. The walls are graded in terms of the level of challenge. There are real climbing holds on the Gecko Tower. Some parts of the Gecko Tower also have small overhangs and features like Windows to climb around.

This may all sound quite scary that climate are fitted with a safety harness which is attached to a rope which automatically be lays for you. The way to get down the gecko Tower is actually a lot of fun. You just have to trust the automatic belaying system which gives you a controls to send back down to the bottom of the wall. Another thing we love about the gecko Tower is that there are actually two lines and two routes to climb up with a visit at the top. This is the perfect activity if you like climbing and you are competitive. The gecko tower has a minimum age of 4 years and a weight range from 40kg to 120kg.

13 Skiing in Malaysia

Skiing in Malaysia
Skiing in Malaysia Finish Banner

Skiing in Malaysia? What kind of joke is this? It really is not a joke. You can actually ski at ESCAPE. There is a dry ski slope – you can borrow a pair of skis (or a sliding tube) and glide down the dry ski slope. This is suitable for a new skier (the slope is not to steep or fast). You do need to walk to the top of the slope (no ski lift for this activity). So if you have ever wanted to go skiing a tropical jungle – this is quite possibly your only opportunity! This activity is suitable for children 4 years and above.

14 Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack ESCAPE Penang

If you or your kids just need a good bounce don’t miss Jumping Jack situated near the top of the Adventure Park (next to the Kite Flyer and the Monkey School). Jumping Jack is a set of epic trampolines with harnesses so you can jump as high as you like. Think of those baby bouncers, scale it up and add some trampolines! This one really is a lot of fun. Actually they have kids and adult trampolines, so when you arrive, make yourself known to a member of staff and they will help you get harnessed up when a trampoline is available. This activity is suitable for anyone ages 4 years and above and up to 100kg. Don’t forget to empty your pockets before you bounce!

15 Aerobat Trapeze (training & competition only)

We were so excited to see a trapeze at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. This normally costs a lot of money! So the fact that you can actually do a trapeze at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang included in your entry ticket is genuinely amazing. If you attempt the trapeze in the morning the wonderful staff will give you training and instruction to help you improve and develop your skills in this very exhilarating activity eat. If they think that you have what it takes, they may invite you to join in a trapeze competition later in the day. It is not possible to do this activity on your own.

A trapeze is basically a giant swing for big kids. The aim of the trapeze is to perform various manoeuvres how’s us swinging such as cooking your legs over the bar I’m hanging upside down, dropping off the bar and doing a flip and also trying to catch someone else swinging on a different trapeze. All of this may sound super scary however, you are fitted with a harness and there is a large net under the swing to catch you. The maximum weight for this activity is 120kg. The maximum weight to attempt a catch is 100kg.

16 Zoom Buggy

Zoom buggies ESCAPE Penang

These fun and unassuming buggies can be accelerated by swaying the handle bars from side to side. You can race the buggies around a race track. If there are no members of staff in this area you can just grab a buggy and go. This activity is perfect for kids from 5 – 8 years old. Steering can be a little tricky! Adults can do this activity – but be aware the buggies are small – and may be hard for a bigger adult.

Small roller coaster ESCAPE Penang

And finally kids will also love the mini-roller coasters situated at the entrance of the ESCAPE adventure park. Ideal for 4 – 10 year olds – kids will want to ride over and over again!

The ESCAPE Penang water park 

Just like the ESCAPE Adventure Park, the ESCAPE waterpark his extensive, impressive impactful of fun. The really is something for everyone at the ESCAPE water park. Here are some of the main attractions at the ESCAPE water park. Again, we can’t tell you about everything here so these are a few of our top picks to illustrate the variety of activities available here.

1 The world’s longest tube slide (RECORD BREAKING!)

The ESCAPE theme park in Penang holds a world record. They have the world’s longest tube water slide. The total length of the slide is 1.1 km and it takes over 5 minutes to slide all the way from the top to the bottom of this incredible water slide.

The world’s longest tube slide is not particularly fast but it is stunning. Before you go make sure you grab an inflatable ring for the tube slide (these are situated at the end of the slide next to the wave pool). You can either get single or double rings. Your experience starts by taking a chairlift ride up a jungle covered hill.

Admire the canopy from above and have a look at some of the amazing attractions in the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. This is a beautiful and impressive experience in its own right. When you reach the top of the chairlift you will see signs pointing you up to the start of a tube slide. That’s busy times you may need to join a short queue. Because the tube slide is so long it can take a little while for people to safely clear the slide. The tube side is a remarkable and very memorable experience.

As you slide down the hill you can experience the amazing views and the jungle canopy as you go. Watch out for wildlife, birds and monkeys on your way. One of the great things about riding on such a long tube slide is you really have time to take in  the experience. Most water slides feel like a short, exciting rush. This tube slide is a long, scenic and remarkably enjoyable rush.

TOP TIP: Save this activity until 4.30pm when the queues have died down. This activity is generally quiet between 4.30pm – 5.30pm.

2 The Banana Flip

This is probably one of the most extreme, terrifying and ridiculous activities at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. The banana flip water slide is designed to accelerate you to hair raising speeds and then launch you up into the air before crash landing into a deep pool. Does this sound like your version of leisure?

To make the whole experience even more terrifying you actually start by stepping into a glass box with a floor that suddenly drops from beneath you and then you go hurtling down a vertical drop before the slide levels out and launches you dramatically into the air. To be honest it’s the landing at that concerns us most. We do not recommend the banana flip slide to anyone who has not experienced something like this in the past. It is genuinely quite extreme and if you land badly it would be pretty easy to sustain an injury. If you want just looking for an adrenaline rush without being thrown into the air consider the Super Looper or the Mega Drop water slides. 

Watch out for Banana Flip competitions. After all, what’s better than laughing at people’s undignified back flops at high speed?!

3 Atan’s Jump 

Atan’s Jump is a series of diving boards and platforms. These are approximately 3m, 5m, 7m and 10m high. These diving platforms and diving boards drop into a deep diving pool. We only recommend jumping or diving off the boards and platforms if you have prior experience. This is especially true for some of the higher boards and platforms. This activity has a minimum age requirement of 4 years old. The pool is staffed by lifeguards.

4 Inflatable obstacle course

To capture the amazing variety available at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang there is also an inflatable obstacle course. The inflatable obstacle course consists of several large inflatable obstacles for you to climb over crawl through and balance along.

And if you lose your balance or slip you just fall into the water. Officially you are not allowed to use of the life jackets in this activity. Therefore this activity is only recommended for people who can swim.

Just next to the inflatables obstacle course is a small pond with paddle boats. Our boys really enjoyed the independence of rowing around this little pond.

5 The Dead Sea Pool

Relaxing in the dead sea pool ESCAPE water park

The creativity of ESCAPE never ceases to amaze us! Don’t miss the Dead Sea Pool situated next to the paddle boats. The Dead Sea Pool is a 4m rock pool filled with intensely salty water. Wade into the pool and then just lie back in the water. The salt water makes you so buoyant that you can just lie back and relax (no swimming or treading water needed!) You do need to wear swimming googles for this one (they provide these so no need to bring your own). Also be aware that open cuts and wounds can be pretty painful in the water. This is genuinely a fun and totally unique attraction. Once you have floated around in the water there is a fresh shower nearby. Make sure you give yourself a good wash.

6 Kids Water Play House

The kids Water Play House is a large multi-level play space with splash buckets, bridges, water squirters and water slides. They actually have two similar play houses. The smaller one is designed for mini-adventurers (great for toddlers).

The larger water Play House is genuinely impressive and is likely to be one of the main attractions in the water park for families with younger kids. This is a great place for kids to play. The pool around the kids Play House is pretty shallow.

The kids play house is open to kids of any age. However we do recommend supervising toddlers and younger children on this activity.

7 Wave pool

The wave pool is another chills activity if you need a little downtime. The wave pool has a lovely beach affect where it starts shallow and gradually gets deeper. Just next to the wave pool you can also grab lifejackets. They have a range of sizes of lifejacket so that young children can also enjoy the water. And because it is a wave pool they also have artificially generated waves so you can experience bobbing up and down in the water. The wave pool is suitable for all ages however children should be supervised by an adult.

8 Boating around the lazy river

The ESCAPE theme park in Penang is not all about jumping, falling, sliding and being thrown through the air. There are also some more chilled-out activities here too. For example, one of the most relaxing activities in the water park is boating around the lazy river. This is a great activity for families with young children or for any one of the just needs a little bit of down time between the adrenaline rushes.

What should you bring to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang?

If you are planning a trip to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang then you will need to decide whether you want to visit the water park. Remember, both the adventure park and water park are included in a single ticket. If you do wish to visit the waterpark we recommend bringing swimming stuff, towels comma showering sister and either swimming goggles for a snorkeling mask.

Penang is a tropical climate on clear days the sun can be very intense during the day. We recommend bringing sun cream (SPF 50 or above). The ESCAPE theme park in Penang is located in the jungle therefore we also recommend bringing mosquito repellent. In order to do many of the activities in the adventure park it is necessary to have appropriate footwear. In general you will need shoes that can lace up. Trainers are ideal. Bring appropriate clothing for being active and moving around. We also recommend bringing a water bottle. It it possible to fill up a water bottle free-of-charge at ESCAPE Penang. Consider bringing a sunglasses and a sun hat.

You are also allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. Therefore, if you do not want to eat at the food outlets in the park consider bringing your own food for the day.

When is the best time to visit the ESCAPE theme park in Penang?

We recommend visiting the ESCAPE theme park in Penang during the week days rather than the weekend. Avoid public holidays. We also recommend visiting in the dry season if possible. The dry season in Penang is roughly from April until November.

How do you get to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang?

There are several ways to get to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. 

The journey from Georgetown to ESCAPE Penang is around 23 km. This is likely to take around 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the traffic and driving conditions.

If you have a car you can drive to ESCAPE Penang from Georgetown. Alternatively, a quick and convenient way to get to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang is the use a taxi. Most taxis in Penang are now available on the Grab app. A grab taxi from Georgetown to ESCAPE Penang is likely to cost around 60 ringgits depending on the time and availability. Find out more about using Grab in Malaysia.

Penang also has a very good public transport system. The 101 bus runs from Georgetown along Jalan Burma, past Gurney Plaza, along the coast road, past Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi and all of the way to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. Buses in Penang are very cheap and cost a few ringgits per ticket. Penang buses are comfortable and have air conditioning. The 101 bus stops directly opposite to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang.

Is there a car park at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang?

Yes. There is a car park at the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. ESCAPE gap. ESCAPE guests can park for free in the ESCAPE car park. 

What else is there to do near ESCAPE Penang?

There are SO many other amazing things to do in Penang with kids. We really love Penang. And ESCAPE is located in one of our favourite parts of Penang. Right next to ESCAPE is the Entopia project. This is an innovative indoor sanctuary for plants, insects and reptiles. A great way for kids to learn more about the amazing biodiversity in Malaysia. ESCAPE is also located very close to the beautiful Penang National Park and the Tropical Spice Gardens. Keep heading up the hill towards Balik Pulau and you will also find the Penang tropical fruit farm.

Summary is it worth visiting the ESCAPE theme park in Penang?

The short answer is YES definitely. We highly recommend a visit to the ESCAPE theme park in Penang. Whether you stand one day or two days here depends on your time and budget. In our opinion it is not really possible to do all of the activities at ESCAPE Penang in a single day. It is worth being aware that the ESCAPE theme park in Penang is an adventurous and extreme theme park. So ESCAPE is ideally suited to adventurous and active people. However, there is a huge range of activities available at ESCAPE Penang. Therefore almost everyone can have an amazing time at ESCAPE Penang. Are they family, we absolutely loved our time at ESCAPE Penang and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

What are the nearest hotels to ESCAPE Penang?

The best location for hotels near the ESCAPE theme park in Penang is Batu Ferringhi. Although there is one hotel that is even closer in Teluk Bahang…

Check out the 5 STAR luxurious Angsana – a NEW build hotel located in Teluk Bahang (a few minutes drive from ESCAPE). All rooms are ocean facing and some even have a private pool! Also don’t miss the Hard Rock Hotel not too far from ESCAPE