19 Amazing things to do in Phuket with kids – 2024 family travel guide

Things to do in Phuket with kids

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In this guide we give you ideas and inspiration for THE BEST things to do in Phuket with kids in 2024. Many of these activities are very cheap or FREE and all of them are loads of FUN. 

Phuket is packed with awesome activities and experiences for families. If you’re looking for information on things to do in Phuket with kids you will find that lots of things have changed due to covid. Some places are temporarily closed and other places are permanently closed. Much of the information you will find online and in travel guides is now out of date. 

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We have travelled around Phuket extensively with our own kids and we absolutely loved it. We wanted to show you THE BEST things to do in Phuket with kids to help you plan an amazing family holiday in Phuket. Rainy day? Don’t worry we have it covered. Check out our BEST indoor activities in Phuket for kids.

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To make this guide super helpful we have split this into different types of things to do in Phuket with kids: 

  • Play spaces and parks
  • Animal and wildlife encounters
  • Family friendly beaches
  • Waterparks and swimming
  • Camping and Trekking
  • Restaurants and cafes for families

At the end of this article we have also thrown in a BONUS list of the BEST family friendly resorts and hotels in Phuket to help you plan the perfect family holiday.

Map of things to do with kids in Phuket

Here is a map of all of the Things to so in Phuket with Kids that we mention in this article. Click on the pins for a description.

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things to so with kids in phuket thailand
fun creative things to do in phuket thailand with kids families

Play spaces and parks | Things to do in Phuket with kids

If you’re looking for things to do in Phuket with kids don’t miss the parks and play spaces. For outdoor public play parks you can find these located at some of the Beaches along the west coast of Phuket: You will find a small outdoor play park located at the south end of Kata beach. There are some outdoor play parks located at the north side of Karon bay near the beach. And don’t miss the play park located by Kamala beach. Also, consider booking a family friendly resort with these facilities on site or arranging a day pass. There are some other great options around Phuket. Here are some other excellent play spaces that you can visit: 

1 –  Take a day at the Adventure Village Phuket (at the Blue Tree Resort Bangtao)

To see why this is our TOP PICK indoor activity for kids don’t miss our dedicated article on the Blue Tree Adventure Village Phuket

The Adventure Village Phuket is a paradise for active kids who love to jump, bounce, slide and swing. This is probably one of the BEST things to do in Phuket with kids. Kids of all ages are welcome at the Adventure Village – and there is a range of activities whatever age and stage your kids are at. The Adventure Village has trampolines, climbing nets, an indoor zip line, a drop slide, foam pits, giant lego, ball pools and even roller skating. Our little boys favourite activity was a rind slide that launches you into the air before landing on an inflatable pad. The Adventure Village is located at Blue Tree – an entertainment and leisure resort that also has an epic waterpark. Tickets for the Adventure Village are separate from waterpark tickets. 

Where is the Adventure Village located? At Blue Tree in the Thalang District

How much does the Adventure Village cost? 400 baht for 1 hour, 700 baht for a day pass and a 50% discount for children under 2.  

When can you visit the Adventure Village? 10am – 10pm daily

2- Drop in to the Happy Kids Club (at Central Phuket Floresta)

The Happy Kids Club is a supervised kids club with a range of play spaces and zones to cater for the age, stage and mood of your child. They aim to facilitate learning through play and engage kids through a variety of sensory stimuli. The Happy Kids play Club is conveniently located in the Phuket central Floresta shopping mall. There are loads of great shops in the mall and a delicious food court too. They have climbing frames, foam pits and soft play areas. They also run a program of activities and workshops including an excellent range of arts and crafts. This one is a supervised kids club. Children must be 4 to 12 years of age to use the Kids Club. Children under 4 must be unaccompanied by a guardian or babysitter.

Where is Happy Kids Club located? Central Phuket Floresta, Floor B

How much does the Happy Kids Club cost? Kids day pass 280 baht – 480 baht (depending on age) Accompanying adult pass 150 baht – 220 baht

When can you visit the Happy Kids Club? 10.30am – 6pm (evening sessions till 9pm)

Top tip: Book online in advance for the best prices.

3 – Stop by Pal Cafe at K park (Phuket Old Town)

This is one of the smaller things to do in Phuket with kids. If you’re exploring the Phuket old town with kids – this place is well worth a stop. It is not a big impressive play space – but we loved the set up. There is a lovely little cafe with an outdoor playpark right next to it. The cafe has windows allowing supervision of kids in the park. The park is well contained and has some great climbing frames. The cafe serves healthy and tasty drinks and has free wifi. 

Where is Pal Cafe located? At K Park near Phuket Old town

How much does Pal Cafe cost? Free entry – drinks reasonably prices (around 100 baht)

When can you visit Pal Cafe? 9am – 6pm (closed on mondays)

Animal and wildlife encounters | Things to do in Phuket with kids

If you’re looking for things to do in Phuket with kids don’t miss the amazing animals here. If your kids love animals they will love Phuket. Phuket is packed with amazing animals and wildlife. Just a heads up – there are some unethical animal encounters in Phuket – we recommend avoiding these. We have tried to pick a varied selection of animal encounters that are ethical and well set up for families. 

4 – Go monkey spotting at Rang Hill

Phuket holiday itinerary rang hill

This first one is a real wildlife encounter. It is a beautiful hill with a stunning viewpoint – a great place to visit for sunset. Rang hill is also home to many wild Rhesus Macaque monkeys who love to hang out at the top of this hill waiting for visitors to feed them nuts and fruit. Being an authentic wildlife encounter does present some risks. We recommend supervising children closely in the area. We do not recommend feeding the monkeys. In fact, you even need to be careful if you have your own food or snacks. If you give the monkeys space and don’t show them food they will generally give you a wide berth. We highly recommend this as one of the best things to do in Phuket with kids. A visit to Rang hill in the evening was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences for our little boy.  

Where is Rang Hill? Rang Hill is located in the Phuket Old Town.

How much does Rang Hill cost? Rang Hill is FREE of charge for visitors

When can you visit Rang hill? You can visit Rang Hill any time but sunset is best

5 – Enjoy the Phuket aquarium

Phuket indoor activities aquarium

A visit to Phuket aquarium is a fantastic activity for families – especially during the heat of the day. As an aquarium it has an impressive range of fish and it also has a underwater tunnel to walk through. The aquarium has a range of displays and activities to help kids connect with the underwater world and better understand environmental issues and the importance of conservation and waste management. They also have a turtle sanctuary round the back of the aquarium. By the way, there is a second more expensive aquarium in Phuket too. 

Where is the Phuket aquarium? Phuket aquarium is located on the Panwa Cape on the south east tip of Phuket island.

How much does the Phuket Aquarium cost? 180 baht (£3 or $5) for adults and 100 baht (£2 or $3) for children

When can you visit the Phuket Aquarium? Every day from 8.30am – 4.30pm

6 – Check out the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre 

The Gibbon Rehabilitation project is located at the entrance of the Bang Pae waterfall just inside the national park. Officially the Gibbon Rehabilitation project is not currently open, however it is possible to walk in the area and hear the beautiful call of the gibbons. Even when the project is welcoming guests it is important to be aware that you can only see one or two gibbons close up. Most of the gibbons are being prepared for release into the wild. It is therefore very important that they are kept away from people to develop their natural timid nature. If you do want to visit the area you can also walk up to the impressive Bang Pae waterfall. The walk is around 1km in length along a jungle path. Kids need careful supervision on this path. 

Where is the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project? The Gibbon Rehabilitation project is located near the carpark at Bang Pae waterfall.

How much does the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project cost to visit? FREE (but there is a 200 baht national park fee)

When can you visit the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project? Any time (remember it’s not officially open but you can hear the enchanting call of the gibbons and may get a cheeky peek at one as you walk up the path near the centre)

7 – Visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Phuket holiday itinerary jungle elephant sanctuary

This may well be one of your highlights of your time in Phuket. Some of the things to do in Phuket with kids are purely for the kids. Other experiences are about you and your family connecting with each other and your surroundings. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary will be magical for kids and for your whole family. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an ethical elephant sanctuary in Phuket. They have a strict no-riding policy and have a genuine commitment to the wellbeing of the elephants. Making friends with these elephants normally involves a copious amount of bananas. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary offers a range of experiences. Here is a brief overview: 

  • Feed the elephants – this is a short visit where you can make friends with the elephants, feed them and snap a selfie (900 baht, 0-3 years old FREE)
  • Feed and shower – feed the elephants and then jump into the shower with them (yes that’s a real thing!) The shower is specially constructed for elephants! (2,000 baht for adults, 1,200 baht for kids 4-10 years old and 0-3 years old FREE)
  • Half day visits (morning or afternoon) – The half day visit includes feeding, mud bath and swimming and a shower with the elephants (2,500 baht for adults, 1,900 baht for kids 4-10 years old and 0-3 years old FREE)
  • One day walk with elephants (kids must be at least 7 years old to participate) – includes a trek, feeding, mud bath and swimming and a shower with the elephants (4,900 baht for adults, 3,500 baht for kids 7-10 years old)

A visit to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is one of the more expensive activities that you can do in Phuket – but we think it is well worth it. If you have time we would highly recommend the half day visits. Getting into the water with the elephants is truly magical. 

Where is the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary? The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is located in central Phuket in the Kathu district. They do have a pick up and drop off service to some areas around Phuket. 

How much does the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary cost to visit? Prices range from 900 baht to 4,900 depending on the experience you choose

When can you visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary? They offer morning, afternoon and whole day sessions. 

Family friendly beaches | Things to do in Phuket with kids

If you’re trying to find great things to do in Phuket with kids, don’t miss the beaches. But before you get too excited – not all of the beaches are ideal for families. Phuket definitely has some tropical paradise beaches but it also has some dirty beaches. Some Phuket beaches also have strong waves and currents. So we have compiled a list of the BEST beaches in Phuket for families. Here are a few of our top picks: 

8- Visit Ao Yon beach

Phuket holiday itinerary Flamingo cafe Ao Yon

Ao Yon beach really is one of our favourite beaches in Phuket. It is relatively quiet, clean and the water is generally pretty calm and clear. There is a lovely beachfront restaurant called the Flamingo Bar (Bandara Hotel). The calm clear waters and clean sand make this beach great for kids. Ao Yon beach is not too far from the Phuket Aquarium. This really is one of our MUST DO things to do in Phuket with kids. 

9 – Relax at Nai Harn beach

Phuket holiday itinerary Nai Harn beach

Nai Harn beach is another top pick for families in Phuket. This beach is pretty clean and is popular with expats – so it is likely you will bump into other families here. Nai Harn beach is staffed by lifeguards. There are toilets near the beach and places to buy drinks, food and beach toys. There are also some trees on the beach providing shade. The waves at Nai Harn beach can be a bit bigger and watch out for currents. 

10 – Explore Banana beach

Phuket holiday itinerary banana beach

We have recommended Banana beach because it is a small, beautiful jungle beach. It is a bit out of the way and there aren’t any of the amenities that you find on the bigger more popular beaches. The attraction of Banana beach is the quiet jungle vibes. There is however a small stall selling food, drinks and a little beach swing to enjoy. Located on the west coast the waves can be bigger here and the currents stronger so take care in the water. 

We have included Banana Beach in our guide on the best secret hidden gems in Phuket

Waterparks and swimming | Things to do in Phuket with kids

With so many things to do in Phuket with kids it’s easy to forget about the amazing waterparks here. The warm tropical climate in Phuket means that you can swim outdoors all year round. And there are some epic waterparks that we highly recommend. 

11 – Visit Blue tree lagoon 

Phuket holiday blue tree lagoon

We absolutely love Blue Tree Lagoon. It is not like a conventional waterpark with butt loads of slides. Instead, they have several epic activities and slides for different experiences. They have a jumping tower (around 5m and 10m), a climbing wall over the water, a slide that slings you into the air. They have a zip line, paddle boarding, a few more slides and an amazing kids water activity area. The lagoon also has a Ninja assault course – which is currently included in the lagoon ticket. They also have a great restaurant and an artificial beach. 

Where is the Blue Tree Lagoon located? The Blue Tree Lagoon is located in the Thalang District in the Bang tao area.

How much does the Blue Tree Lagoon cost? Full access adult ticket 950 baht (current promotion 300 baht) Full access child’s ticket 350 baht (current promotion 200 baht) 

When can you visit the Blue Tree Lagoon? 8am – 6pm daily

12 – Check out the Phuket wake park 

Phuket holiday itinerary wake park

This one is probably best suited to families with older kids. The Phuket Wake Park has cables that pull you along the water on a wakeboard. There are also obstacles to try out as you build up your confidence. You can take sessions ranging from 1 hour up to a full day and they also offer coaching sessions too. You don’t need to bring any of your own equipment – they include all the equipment that you need in the cost (although you can pay a little more for a special jump board). The Phuket Wake park is also conveniently located near The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary and also Kathu waterfall. 

Where is the Phuket Wake park located? The Phuket Wake Park is located in the Kathu district of Phuket

How much does the Phuket Wake park cost? This all depends on exactly what you want to do, They have a wide range of packages. Prices range from 300 baht (around £6 or $8) for a 30 minute session on the training cable to 600 baht (around £12 or $15) for a 30 minute training session with a coach and then 1 hour on the big cable. They include board rental and life vest rental for free. You do not need to book in advance. 

When can you visit the Phuket Wake Park? Opening hours 9am – 6pm Friday – Sunday and 12pm – 6pm for the remainder of the week. 

Camping and trekking | Things to do in Phuket with kids

One of the things we love about Phuket are the epic outdoor activities. The jungle hills make Phuket an incredible location to enjoy the outdoors surrounded by tropical beauty. Here are a few of our favourite outdoor things to do in Phuket with kids. 

13 – Take a Glamping trip at Roost Glamping 

Yes! You really can try Glamping in Phuket. There is something truly magical about falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle at night. They have a beautiful jungle pool and an amazing cafe serving super healthy delicious insta-tastic food. The Roost team also run various activities such as movie nights, bonfires and they even have a fire dancer who occasionally visits. The yurts are comfortable and well equipped (they even have A.C.). They are able to provide extra beds for kids. Each yurt has its own shower room and toilet next to it. Worries about the weather? We visited during the rainy season and there were some quite intense storms – and the yurts were fine. For an active adventurous family this is one of the best things to do in Phuket with kids. 

Where is Roost Glamping located? The Roost Glampsite is beautifully situated amongst trees on a hill in Rawai at the southern tip of Phuket

How much does the Phuket Wake park cost? Price depends on the season. Expect to pay 1,500 baht – 2,500 baht per night  (£30 – £50 or $40 – $70) Find out prices at the moment.

14 – Camp by the ocean in Kata at the Blanket and a Pillow cafe

This one is a secret gem! Hidden on a jungle hill to the North of Kata bay you can find a little cafe where you can chill with drinks on bamboo terraces with a panoramic sea view. They also have hammocks and swings. It gets better. They also have bamboo terraces for pitching tents and they offer tent rental so you can enjoy this remarkable spot overnight. We loved the jungle feel, the sea breeze and the cute quirky decor of this hidden gem. You do need to be aware that this place would be risky with younger kids. The bamboo terraces have big drops and only small railings. This would not be a great spot for younger children and toddlers. 

Where is the Blanket and a Pillow cafe located? The Blanket and a Pillow cafe is located on a hill to the north of Kata beach. Follow Soi Lam Sai road up the hill and then turn right (opposite the Aspasia apartments). 

How much does camping at the Blanket and a Pillow cafe cost? 200 baht per person for the camping space plus 250 baht per night for the tent. Children under 10 years old are free. 

15 – Go trekking to Black Rock viewpoint

Don’t miss out FULL step-by-step guide on How to Get to Black Rock Phuket

AND if you can’t resist a good trek don’t miss our guide on THE BEST treks in Phuket

Black Rock is a stunning viewpoint on the southwest tip of Phuket. Black Rock is probably one of the best viewpoints in Phuket. If you’re looking for something adventurous and intrepid to do with kids we highly recommend the Black Rock viewpoint.  A few things make this a great trek for a family in Phuket: The distance is not too bad for little legs. You can do a 2.7km  round route trek to Black Rock. This will probably take an hour or two with kids! The route is a little hilly and follows some adventurous jungle paths. The Black Rock view point is genuinely stunning. Be aware that there is a big drop at the view point – although there is enough space to appreciate the view safely. I visited with two young kids and it was ok, very close supervision needed. Remember to wear good trekking shoes and bring plenty of water. Mosquito repellent and sunscreen are also recommended. 

Where is the Black Rock trek? The black rock trek is located in the hills south of Kata bay. The start of the trek is a few hundred meters south of Karon viewpoint. 

How much does the Black Rock trek cost? Nothing. There are no tickets or permits needed to trek in this area.  

When can you visit Black Rock? You can visit Black Rock any time – although we recommend early mornings for cooler weather. If you choose to visit for sunset we recommend taking a torch for navigation along the jungle trail.  

Restaurants and cafes for families | Things to do in Phuket with kids

In Thailand food must have its place on a guide for Things to do in Phuket with kids. Thailand is famous for its incredible food and Phuket is no exception. We have handpicked a few of our favourite restaurants to help you and your family enjoy the fantastic food Phuket has to offer: 

16 – Visit the Three Monkeys restaurant

This is our top pick for ambiance. The romantic Three Monkeys restaurant is nestled into the canopy in the hills to the west of Phuket town. The menu has a fusion of western, Thai and Asian cuisine. The Three Monkeys restaurant has lots of stunning eating spaces affording fantastic views of the jungle and of Phuket. This is a great spot to enjoy the cool of the evening. At night the Three Monkeys is also adorned with fairy lighting giving it a magical wonderland feel. The Three Monkeys restaurant has baby chairs and a menu suitable for kids. As a treehouse restaurant the area has railings – but young kids would need careful supervision. Particularly be aware of the relaxation nets which do not have a fence or safety rail. 

17 – Drop by the Efe Old Town Turkish restaurant

This is a beautiful ornate Turkish restaurant located in the heart of the Phuket old town. We love the antique boutique feel of the Efe Old Town Turkish restaurant. They serve a range of kebabs, meat platters, salads, burgers and other Turkish dishes. We recommend this place for families due to the small play space located upstairs. This is ideal for younger kids (1-5 years old) – a great way for parents to have a little break and enjoy some food. 

18 – Try a burger at the New York Burger Co. Kata

Sometimes you just need that western fix. The New York Burger Co is located in Kata town. This restaurant is run by a guy from New York who makes burgers and other delicious treats freshly onsite. The burgers are big, tasty and satisfying and the staff are super friendly. They also serve sides that should impress most kids – don’t miss the macaroni cheese bites and the onion rings (drool!) Oh yeah, they also have a baby chair here too. 

19 – Have a seafood feast at Kalim Rim Lay BBQ

This place is a local gem. Located a little way up the hill to the North of Patong bay, Kalim Rim Lay has a menu of Thai food and BBQ seafood. The fish, prawns and squid are excellent – juicy, well cooked and excellently garnished with local sauces and salads. They also serve a range of drinks including fruit shakes. We love the bamboo seating areas right next to the beach so you can enjoy your meal with a sea breeze. This is a local restaurant so they do not have baby chairs or a kids menu here. But it is a fantastic spot for a meal followed by a stroll on the beach. 

The best family friendly hotels and resorts in Phuket

Here are our top pick family friendly resorts and hotels in Phuket. We have included these in our guide on Things to do in Phuket with Kids because it will help you plan your trip – and all of these hotels are genuinely super family friendly. They have awesome facilities for kids and in some cases the packages and experiences that they tailor to families. ALSO some resorts offer day passes if you do not wish to stay on the resort but still want to enjoy the facilities. 

Ozo hotel Phuket (Kata Bay)  

Phuket family resort Ozo hotel

Find out prices at the Ozo Phuket now

Ozo Phuket is a wonderful family friendly hotel right next to Kata beach (the best surf beach in Phuket). The Ozo hotel Phuket are geared towards adventurous families. They have 3 swimming pools including a large waterslide and a kids pool with water play and a smaller waterslide. Rooms are comfortable, stylish and baby friendly with excellent blinds and environmental control to get the temperature and light levels perfect. The Ozo Phuket offers a range of packages and experiences to help families connect with Phuket and have a fun adventure-filled holiday. Their restaurant is also excellent with high chairs, kids options and super tasty Asian and Western choices. If you don’t stay at the Ozo Phuket you can also take a day visit to enjoy the pool, bar and restaurant. Find out why we LOVE the Ozo Hotel Phuket

Katathani Beach resort

Find out prices at the Katathani Beach resort now

The Kathani Beach resort located in Kata Noi is also excellently set up for families. Kata Noi is a small clean beach located to the south of Kata. The Kathani Beach resort has indoor play spaces, an outdoor play park and a kids pool with waterslides. The resort has 6 pools, 6 dining options and also has a spa. The breakfasts are incredible and the staff are super friendly and helpful. We absolutely love their sea view suits – which include a large luxurious bathtub. 

Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa – Merlin Beach

Find out prices at the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa (Merlin Beach)

We are very impressed with the Marriott Resort and Spa (Merlin Beach). They are impressively situated south of Patong town on a beautiful section of beach. The extensive resort includes 3 landscape swimming pools, 8 dining options (that’s more than one for every day of the week!). They also have a luxurious spa for guests to relax in. The Phuket Marriott Resort also has a kids club, indoor play spaces and special kids splash pad. The Marriott Resort and Spa is also close to Freedom beach – a beautiful secluded beach on the west coast of Phuket. VERY IMPORTANT- There is also a Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa located on Nai Yang beach. 

Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket

Find out prices at the Grand Beach Resort Phuket now

Located on Karon bay this beautiful 5 star resort is perfect for a luxurious family holiday. The resort is stylish and spacious with beautiful decor. The Centara grand beach resort has 4 outdoor swimming pools and 7 dining options. They also have waterslides and a lazy river. We love their luxurious villas with private swimming pools. It’s amazing how far your money can go in Phuket! 

Anantara Vacation Club Mai Khao

Antara vacation club Mai Khao Phuket family resort

Check out prices at the Antara Vacation club NOW

The Antara Vacation club delivers high end decadence, luxury and style but not at the expense of FUN and ENERGY. The villas are excellently designed and furnished with everything you need for a carefree stay in paradise. We are super impressed with the provision for families of ALL ages here – including play spaces, outdoor swimming pools and an array for family-friendly activities. Seriously, if you’re planning a family holiday in Phuket just take a moment to check out what the Antara Vacation club has to offer.

NOTE don’t confuse this hotel with the Antara Resort (Mai Khao).

The Beach Boutique House Kata (cheaper family hotel)

Find out prices at the Beach Boutique Hotel now

The Beach Boutique hotel in Kata has 3 swimming pools and they have some rooms with pool access. They have a pool side bar and a restaurant offering a selection of western and asian food (we highly recommend the burgers!) The staff are super friendly and helpful and always greet you with a smile. Don’t miss the indoor kids playroom. The Beach Boutique hotel in Kata is a 10 minute walk from the beach and there are several nice restaurants and cafes in the area. The Beach Boutique also offer a free shuttle bus service to and from the beach in Kata. This one is cheaper than some of the other resorts that we have mentioned. 

…AND finally! Don’t miss the epic island hopping trips of the Phang Nga bay (including the iconic James Bond island)

A few places that are currently closed but may re-open

AND finally… There are even more things to do in Phuket with kids but sadly some places are still closed. So we wanted to take a moment to mention a few great places for families which are currently closed but may re-open in the future. For play spaces check out Kidzoona (Jungceylon shopping mall in Patong) and The Kids Club Phuket (near Bangla road in Patong). For water parks keep your eye open for Splash Jungle waterpark reopening. 

If you’ve got this far you may be starting to feel a little hungry? Don’t miss the best restaurants in Phuket for families with kids.

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